I 1. past tense - hid; verb
(to put (a person, thing etc) in a place where it cannot be seen or easily found: I'll hide the children's presents; You hide, and I'll come and look for you; She hid from her father; He tries to hide his feelings.) skriti (se)
2. noun
(a small concealed hut etc from which birds etc can be watched, photographed etc.) opazovalnica
- hide-and-seek
- hide-out
II noun
(the skin of an animal: He makes coats out of animal hides; cow-hide.) koža
* * *
I [haid]
koža (ustrojena in neustrojena); humorously človekova koža
to give s.o.'s hide a warming — ali to tan ( —ali curry, warm) s.o.'s hide — kožo komu ustrojiti, naklestiti koga
to save one's own hide — odnesti zdravo kožo
to have a thick hide — imeti debelo kožo
II [háid]
transitive verb
skriti, skrivati (from pred kom); prikriti, tajiti, zatajiti (from komu);
intransitive verb
skriti se, skrivati se
to hide one's head — skriti se od sramu
to hide one's light under a bushel — prikrivati svojo bistroumnost, biti preskromen
to hide out — skrivati se
III [háid]
transitive verb
(preterite & past participle hidded) odreti (kožo); colloquially pretepsti
IV [háid]
British English stara angleška površinska mera, 120 juter

English-Slovenian dictionary. 2013.


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